Detox Diet Plans : Choices Available For You

Detoxification or detox is the body’s natural, continuous process of removing harmful substances (as a toxin or poison) or the effects of such from the body system. Removing waste substances properly is essential to protect oneself from health problems and life-threatening ailments. Detox diet plans are smart ways to assist the body in its normal means of elimination and reducing the accumulation of waste elements. A detox diet is a short-term diet which usually lasts 3 to 21 days. In this case, an individual’s diet will only include organic foods such as fruits and vegetables. One cannot go on a detox diet for too long because of the potential to suffer from nutrient deficiency.

The one day detox plan is among one of the numerous programs one can possibly stick to. This is a one-day cleansing method focused on removing poisons from the body in 24 hours. It consists of three stages. The first stage is the seven-day pre-detox where by a person has to eat light and healthy for 7 days right before starting out on the detox diet plan. Foods like sugar, alcohol, caffeine, bread, pasta and rice should be avoided during this time. The following stage is the one-day juice fast which generally requires drinking a  cup of fruit juice every hour. The final stage is the three-day post-detox that is similar to the initial phase with the exception that one has got to eat a minimum of one serving size of natural, fat-free yogurt with live cultures. This is to help restore the good bacteria in the body.

The basic components of three day detox diet plans are fruits, vegetables and a lot of water. Ideally, two glasses of warm water has to be taken upon waking up. For morning meal, one can possibly have almost any kind of fruit or fruit juice based on personal liking. For noontime meal and supper, cooked veggies in not much oil is alright as long as at least one serving is ingested raw. One can also add whole grains during the afternoon and evening meals. And lastly, make sure that you drink at least eight glasses per day and to drink a “tonic” (such as carrot juice, yellow tea, a clove of fresh garlic, chamomile tea) for two days to help the liver and kidneys in eliminating wastes.

Another possible method is the one week detox among other detox diet plans. A person can shed no less than one pound in seven days with this type of detox diet plan. Anybody can make use of detox products or simply just observe a healthy eating habit. In one week detox diet plan, two glasses of water is advised each and every morning. For breakfast time, a piece of fruit or whole grain is possible. For the afternoon meal, four cups of steamed vegetables seasoned with a touch of oil and herbs is recommended. Anyone can have an additional of four cups of steamed vegetables for supper. To give the body with almost all the nourishment it needs, try out different vegetables per day. Remember never to eat again after supper. However, anyone can have a cup of tea with no caffeine  if desired. Don’t forget to consume a minimum of glasses of water every day to detoxify the body.

The fourteen day detox diet plan is rather more helpful compared to the ones mentioned earlier. Such detox diet plans are more difficult to adhere to , since the time it requires to detox is lengthier and a lot of people find it tougher to fight their urges. Again, the approach is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and to avoid the foods such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine and the like.

Detox Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Toxin loads make people sick, weak, and dysfunctional. In order to elevate energy levels and clean up the body a detox diet plan must be in order. If there is a desire to include weight loss, make sure that this part of the plan. Obesity or excessive weight is a result of too much fat deposits in the body which are unwanted, unnecessary, and unhealthy.

So many suggested detox diet plans in the web makes the entire thing  more baffling as it is. Some people may want some fast results. Such drastic diet are sometimes scary and the’s a good reason why. If one is genuinely interested, detox plans can take as little as 2, 3, 7 or  more days. What is taking the fancy of those into detox and weight loss are the 3- and the 7-day detox diet plans:

3-day Detox Diet Plan

This diet plan was created for losing weight first and its usefulness in flushing out toxins become incidental because honestly more seem to be interested in weight loss than in detoxification. The visible results that can be seen in 72 hours is amazingly fast and the reason for its wide use even by celebrities. What else can be asked if a diet can make one lose 10 pounds in a matter of 72 hours. Isn’t that convincing?
The 3-day detox diet plan includes fresh fruits and vegetables, a cup of whole grains during meals, warm water with fresh lemon extract twice a day for three days. The diet characteristically prevent hunger to make people stick to the diet for 3 straight days.

7-day Detox Diet Plan

The diet is fundamentally plant-based again but with a variety of more choices. The weight loss is not as dramtic because the diet is less strict with more food varieties and quantity. This includes fresh fish, nuts, tofu, legumes, rice, fresh fish, nuts, tofu noodles, water and still a lot more. In addition, it is equally important to be reminded of what are the ones that must be avoided during these 7 days like meat and meat products, dairy products, fat-laden food,  red meat from poultry, sweets, processed foods and drinks, salt, caffeine and alcohol. This is practically much easier to comply with and can be made even as a regular diet.

Raring to lose weight? Find out if this detox diet plan that burns up lots of body fats is what you what wanted?